Rules and Regulations

DISCLAIMER. All rentals must follow State and Health Department guidelines established to the rules of the risk level assigned to the date of the rental. If risk level increases to a higher level, all rentals will be cancelled and a full refund will be issued.

FEES. A minimum of one hour has been added to cover set up and clean up time for custodial staff, and techs as needed. User also agrees to pay for any vandalism or damage that may occur as a direct result of their use of the Facilities/Grounds. If the actual time used for the Event exceeds original agreed upon time, user agrees to pay for the additional rental hours and personnel costs.

WARRANTY OF INSPECTION. User has inspected the Facilities and warrants to the District that the Facilities are acceptable and appropriate for the Event. User accepts full responsibility for all conditions on the premises that can be identified by reasonable inspection. User must give District written notice of any objectionable conditions, no later than one week before the date of the Event. Failure to provide such advance notice of objectionable conditions will be deemed acceptable of the Facilities.

SUPERVISION. User warrants to the District that it will provide all the supervision necessary for the safe use of the Facilities. User understands and agrees it takes full responsibility to provide medical and emergency care to all those involved in the Event, including participants and spectators. User warrants to the District that all medical and emergency care will be appropriate and sufficient.

GOVERNMENTAL IMMUNITY. This permit grants use of specified Jordan School District property pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 53A-3-413 to -414. Jordan School District is immune from any claims, injuries, or lawsuit arising from use of Jordan School District property pursuant to the issuance of this permit under Utah Code Ann. 63G-7-201. User agrees to adhere to all Federal, State, and Jordan School District rules and regulations.

Inter-local Governmental Agreements: Jordan School District (District) has entered into IGA’s with various local governments for the use of properties or buildings that benefit students of the District. The District may negotiate IGA fees on an individual basis. IGA’s are developed at the District level by the Superintendent or his/her designee, with Board of Education approval. The terms agreed upon in the IGA’s supersede the terms on this website. Additionally, local government employees who are subject to an IGA are not entering into a binding agreement when scheduling events on this website. The local building administrator is not authorized to negotiate IGA’s with governmental agencies. If a request is made at the school level for use of the building by a governmental agency, they should be referred to the District’s Facilities Scheduler. Since the local administrator is frequently responsible for or impacted by the IGA, his/her input may be requested. IGA’s may include such activities as pageants, music and drama productions, recreational activities, etc.